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State Electricity Regulatory Commission held a forum on wind power

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September 13, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission held a forum in Beijing wind, listen to the electricity companies and experts. Responsible person 11 companies and five power generation companies and six wind power experts invited to participate in the forum, conferences around the wind farm abandoned concrete measures to solve the wind problem solving in the construction of wind farms consumptive power, wind power and stability policy measures as well as the development of renewable energy full protection of the acquisition of regulatory proposals and other issues were exchanged. State Electricity Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Wang Ye Ping presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Wang Ye Ping affirmed the power companies and related manufacturing, scientific research institutions in the process of China's wind power development achievements, summarizes the current outstanding problems existing in the development of wind power. Wang Ye Ping also on the next renewable electricity regulatory work of two requirements: First, combined with suggestions and strategies discussed at the meeting, proposed to monitor carefully study the recommendations and observations of wind power development; Second assumed responsibility seriously, and further strengthen the renewable energy electricity Regulatory work to promote the healthy development of clean energy.
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