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Technology powered devices who is naturally shaken by high iron status?

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July 28 , the newly appointed Secretary of the Shanghai Railway Bureau , said An Lusheng , according to a preliminary understanding of the situation analysis, " 7-23 " motor car accident was due to the Wenzhou South Station signal equipment there are serious flaws in the design, failure after being struck by lightning , resulting in the range should be displayed as a red light error signal is displayed as green. Meanwhile, dispatchers did not discover . Specific findings of the joint investigation team needs to publish . An Lusheng said that a design flaw in signaling equipment designed by a Beijing Research and Design Institute , September 28, 2009 and put into use .

Even if the signal equipment failure , with trains running surveillance recording device (LKJ) and automatic protection system (ATP) " double insurance" motor car , close, it should automatically brake the car off in the distance , even if the "double insurance" are invalid, there should also be monitored manually scheduling ; even artificial scheduling also fail, " fail-safe oriented principles " will command two EMU immediately stopped . However , the reality is bypassing all the " obstruction factor " so that two EMU "magic" to rear-end .

Cause of the accident has been initially identified , but the high- speed railway construction to re- think and positioning will continue to extend . High-speed rail really safe? Is it because the pursuit of construction speed while ignoring the very small but can be fatal to those details ? Whether the future will thus slowing construction ? From the capital market perspective, the industry 's boom and the company's valuation model that should re-examine ? This brings the industry suffered a sudden surprise hit but also has much investment value ?

In the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University professor Wang Meng-shu view, the current status quo of China's railway is facing the need to keep up the level of integrated management of railway development . Rail transport is a shortage of talent , but the treatment is relatively low railway workers , the railway sector is difficult to retain qualified personnel ; Moreover, the existing Ministry of Railways , Railway Bureau, the three-tier management system management station segment could easily lead to excessive concentration , leading to manage difficult place .

Li Xiaoguang SW industry analysts believe that the major effects of the accident , the Ministry of Railways to work or will be transferred , the Ministry of Railways is expected to carry out the full range of road safety inspections , and investors expect the Ministry of Railways reform , massive bidding progress of work and planning new lines may be delayed .

Tai Asset Management Chief Investment Officer of Shenzhen Wang Liang is very pessimistic. He believes that high-speed rail investment growth in related industries will be greatly reduced or even negative growth. High-speed rail will slow down , stop and continue the transformation , modification planning , the industry would be devastating , long-term stock price will fall . " Highly dependent on the construction of high-speed rail industry segments listed companies , even if their valuation levels fall to 10 times earnings, do not have the investment value. Actual business impact of the incident on the company is substantial , after the high-speed rail drop speed itself is a clear signal that is safety first , and now Wenzhou motor car accident , high-speed rail construction will be more cautious , the demand for relevant signals and other accessories listed company's products will correspond to slow down and reduce . " < br />
Each department statement " This is not my fault !"

Power sector : The rear-end supply line normal

At present , China's power sector is fully involved in especially serious "7 • 23" Yongwen railway accident scene and the hospital's supply security -related work, and strengthen the focus on lines and equipment inspections , inspections to ensure the smooth progress of the rescue work .

After investigation and analysis before and after the accident, to Yueqing , Wenzhou, Cangnan three electric railway traction power station six 220 kV lines, to Wenzhou South Station , Yongjia Station 2 Station 3 back to the 10 kV power line from both unaffected thunderstorms affect normal operation.

Reporters learned yesterday from the national grid , was informed after the night of the incident , the State Grid organization belongs Zhejiang company immediately comply with the relevant departments to carry out rescue and support, batch organization two power cars , a light car, eight electrical repairs cars, six mobile searchlight , more than 100 emergency rescue team rushed to the scene of the accident .
According to reports, power emergency rescue teams are comprehensively strengthen the Wenzhou area 6 Station 220 kV electric railway traction power lines, three 10 -kilovolt power line from the railway station and the city eight major hospitals , the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( Blood Center ) 19 special power line patrol , to protect the power supply to ensure electric railway line planned to resume operation .

National Grid

The evening of July 27 , media reports , National Grid said that after investigation and analysis, before and after the 723 motor car rear-end accident, the National Grid to Yueqing , Wenzhou, Cangnan three electric railway traction power station 6 220 kV line , to Wenzhou South Station , Yongjia station 2 station 3 back to the 10 kV power line from were not affected by thunderstorms , is operating normally.

" It is understood that the accident due to the EMU was struck by lightning , causing loss of power parking two cars rear-end ." National Grid said .

Earlier, the "loss of power" is understood as repeated power outages, network microblogging even think MOR expression is shirking their responsibilities , " frame " supply side .

National Grid who also introduced , EMU is used to run the railway catenary, independent of the State Grid Corporation of the grid , the railway sector is responsible for operation and maintenance . Although still the national power grid , but because this part of the assets belonging to the user , the national grid and the railway catenary on the management and operation is not related .

"Now we can be sure that after the incident in grid operation is continuous and stable , without being struck by lightning ." The source said , " but that does not mean there is no railway catenary subjected to electric shocks , it is relatively independent of . "

Accident or involve a number of listed companies

After the accident , the media reported this entry EMU line involves as many as 32 related listed companies. According to "21st Century Business Herald" reported on the 25th , these listed companies, including train manufacturers , track laying, bridge construction tunnel in many fields , electrical control, signal systems, scheduling systems. Which provide a comprehensive monitoring system century Riel , box-type substation provides Terios Germany , provides scheduling Good News Snapshots communication systems , as well as railway signal computer monitoring system supplier brilliant technology are likely to be involved in an accident investigation.

Railway Safety equipment suppliers :

Equipment properly train accident has nothing to do with us

After the July 23 Wenzhou motor car rear-end accident, the three accused of the accident to provide relevant railway line safety equipment listed company announced a temporary suspension on the 25th morning . The three companies are listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM companies , namely Good News Snapshots (300213.SZ), Century Riel (300150.SZ) and TGOOD (300001.SZ). In yesterday morning 's announcement , the three companies have said that public media appear relevant information that may have a greater impact on the company's stock price , and therefore apply for a temporary suspension, pending resumption of trading after the disclosure to clarify the notice . The multi- access to information learned , a number of listed companies, including Good News Snapshots , century Riel , TGOOD etc. , and indeed the line accident related systems and equipment suppliers.

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